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    Hawk Mark IX (1:72)
    by: Jim Starkweather  |  Vendor: MRC
    A look inside the box of this re-release from MPC and Round 2. This is the 2010 version of the kit. Get it while it is out there if you are so inclined!    >> READ MORE

    Artel W Miniatures: Assassin (28mm)
    by: Andras  |  Vendor:
    The recent advances in 3D printing have created a boom in the cottage industry of resin figures. You can now find better and better quality figures produced for wargaming, and characters from popular culture (books, movies, comics or video games). We do live in a golden age right now, as often times we get alternatives for wargaming miniatures; and sometimes -as in this case- it means we get a figure at all. (I would love to have a miniature version of a T-54 power armor from the Fallout series holding a mini nuke launcher, for example.)

    This article reviews such a video game character by Artel W Miniatures: the master assassin. The figure depicts the ex-bodyguard Corvo Attano from the game Dishonoured by Bethesda, wearing his signature mask and carrying his signature weapons - without explicitly stating so. Since I tremendously enjoyed the game for both of its gameplay, and for its excellent story and setting, I was happy to order one of these figures when I saw it on Artel W Miniatures’ website.
       >> READ MORE

    Chaos Hive Bringer (28mm)
    by: Andras  |  Vendor: Grim Skull Miniatures
    There is a small cottage industry focusing on producing figures and other accessories for popular tabletop games. Warhammer 40K is no exception. One prominent company producing resin alternatives and conversion sets is Grim Skull Miniatures; their Hive Bringer (khm… Tyhpus) is the subject of this review.

    Games Workshop has a newly issued (plastic) chaos-corrupted version of Typhus, so there are definitely choices out there. This particular figure is absolutely gorgeous. He holds either a scythe or two sickles (these held in reverse John Woo style), and he definitely looks corrupted. The detail and definition is simply superb. All the cysts, boils and blisters are lovingly re-created, alongside with the horns sticking out of the cracks of his power armor.

       >> READ MORE


    Grim Skull Mortarion
    by: Andras  |  Vendor: Grim Skull Miniatures
    Andras builds Mortarion from Grim Skull Miniatures   >> READ MORE

    Monster 2 (1:35)
    by: Frederick Boucher  |  Vendor: Armor 35
    MONSTER 2 is a 1/35 resin kit from ARMOR35.   >> READ MORE

    Captain Sanders (1:32)
    by: Peter Ong  |  Vendor: Andrea Miniatures
    Peter Ong reviews Captain Sanders Serpentian Navy from Andrea Miniatures in 1/32nd scale.   >> READ MORE

    Shony (75mm)
    by: Peter Ong  |  Vendor: Hera Models
    Peter Ong takes a look at a futuristic resin female warrior from Hera models in 75 mm scale.    >> READ MORE

    Edge of the Universe (1:24)
    by: Darren Baker  |  Vendor: Master Box Ltd.
    Darren Baker takes a look at four figure sets from Master Box in 1/24th scale with an interesting Sci-Fi back story.   >> READ MORE

    Post-Nuclear Sniper (54mm)
    by: Peter Ong  |  Vendor: North Star Models
    Peter Ong takes a look at the 54mm figure of a Post-Nuclear Sniper from NorthStar Models.   >> READ MORE

    Assault Trooper (54mm)
    by: Peter Ong  |  Vendor: North Star
    Peter Ong takes a look at and shares his thoughts on the Futuristic Assault Trooper in 54mm from NorthStar.   >> READ MORE

    Sazabi Custom (1:100)
    by: Mario Matijasic  |  Vendor: Rinaldi Studio Press
    Single Model book series from Rinaldi Studio Press is dedicated to show the modeling process from start to finish, with an emphasis on painting and weathering techniques, on a single subject. The motto of the series is “all scales – all eras – all subjects”, and this volume deals with Sazabi, a 1/100 scale mecha robot from Bandai.   >> READ MORE

    Out of This World Modeling (Multiple S)
    by: Jim Starkweather  |  Vendor: Kalmbach Publishing Co.
    This FineScale book features 16 projects from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy, comics, film and TV.   >> READ MORE

    Dragon Forge Figure Bases (54mm)
    by: George Redell  |  Vendor:
    Dragon Forge is an Ohio based company specializing in resin gaming figure bases. These bases can be used for any board game figures. They come in different shapes and sizes ranging from as small as 25mm up to 160mm. The shapes are round, square, and oval. There are over 24 different themes to choose from and then multiple different styles of that theme. Jeff Wilhelm is the creator, sculptor, mold maker and castor. Each order is cast by hand to order, taking about 14 -21 business days to arrive.
       >> READ MORE

    Zombies – A Hunter’s Guide
    by: Randy L Harvey  |  Vendor: Osprey Publishing
    This is a book review by Randy L “HARV” Harvey of the Osprey Publishing LTD book Zombies – A Hunter’s Guide by author Joseph A. McCullough and illustrator Mariusz Kozik. This review is of the hardback version of the book and not the paperback version.    >> READ MORE

    Zombie Sweeper (1:35)
    by: Engin Kayral  |  Vendor: Mob Miniatures
    MOB Miniatures released a 1/35 scale fictional female warrior figure.   >> READ MORE

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