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A Simple Dungeon


For me dioramas and vignettes usually begin either from a photograph or image that I find interesting, or within the dark recesses of my overly idle mind. However, there are occasions when having a particular figure in my hand has served as the source of inspiration.

Such was the case with Latorre’s 54 mm Saxon . According to Latorre’s webpage the Saxon is fashioned closer to fiction than fact. My mind’s eye took me to a cold, damp, dark dungeon deep within the forsaken bowels of a long forgotten realm. And so, the following small vignette of a dungeon began to take form.

Armed with a mental image, and my limited building skills, I decided it had to be a simple design in relation to my skills at structures. Yet it should be one that conveyed the suggestion of a dungeon. Basically it had to have stonework, some form of arch, dirty if not foul water, and an overall gloomy feel. Thus the title: ‘A Simple Dungeon’.

”Having slain the vicious gargoyle, Havoc enters the dank dungeon.” – The completed vignette

About the Author

About CK Tang (beachbum)

Like most forum members here I started with Airfix, Frog & Matchbox at a time when there was no Internet. From the first time I saw a photo of a vignette on a Ford GPA in a swamp (from Monogram I think), I knew dioramas was the thing for me. However, it took more than a 25-year layoff from modelling...


Sorry if I have stumbled across the wrong site, my white stick has been painted black for some reason - this should be the bit about the dungeon and that wonderful brick work, so straight in with both feet as I do. I love gore, dirt, old looking stuff, things that actually stand out and make people take a second glance, and your dio has most of it, I would have liked to have seen more shading (washing I believe its called), the fallen dragon a little blood wouldn't have gone a miss, and perhaps a 1-35 figure holding onto the bars below the first floor. If I were building this dio would I be happy with it. Yes, you bet I would, a very nice write up as well, easy to follow, and basically step by step instructions. Well done.
APR 06, 2009 - 03:38 AM
I'm diggin' it. Very nicely done. "Q"
MAY 19, 2009 - 08:53 AM