P-47G In Detail

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Over 80 photographs of The Fighter Collections P-47G can now be found in the reference section.


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About Nigel Julian (lampie)

Restarted modelling in late 2005 after a break of over 20 years.Built a lot of armour as a teenager but now concentrating on WW2 aircraft. Some skills are coming straight back to me and Im learning new ones everytime I log on to this site it seems.


Monkeyboy, The F-15s by Hasegawa are generally of good quality. You forgot to mention whether you bought a 1/48 or 1/72, although I am probably the only builder on this site with a squadron of 1/72 F15s in my closet Regardless, the framing color on the F15s canopies differs by era. Initially the framing was a reddish-brown color, almost like dark copper, which I would in fact use. I guess the best Gunze colors could do was wood brown. I can provide you with a scan if you like. Later, the F15 models actually did not have a clearly different frame color. On the two url's below you see that the canopy frame is grey, like the actual aircraft. F-15C in 1991 This F-15C has only a slighty different color on the canopy frame in the middle but the frame around the windshield is grey instead of "brown". F-15A MSIP in 1992 And this F-15A MSIP, which is similar to the early F15Cs has an all grey canopy frame! Aircraft grey is equivalent to FS36231 (I use Testors 1740). The cockpit will never be painted with glossy paint due to reflections in the canopy. Flat is fine, but I use the semi-gloss to improve the effect of the cockpit, even at 1/72nd scale. Holler if you need more help. Cheers,
JUN 23, 2002 - 12:20 PM