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Pacific Theatre P-47 decals (1:48)
by: lampie  |  Vendor: Thundercals
Nigel Julian takes a look at the first decal releases from Thundercals.   >> READ MORE

1:32 Horizontal Stabilizers (1:32)
by: lampie  |  Vendor: Master Details
Latest release from Master Details is this horizontal stabiliser and elevator assemblies upgrade for the 1:32nd Hasegawa series of P-47s.   >> READ MORE

P-47 Flat Keel and Ferry Tank (1:48)
by: Nigel Julian  |  Vendor: Lone Star Models
Lone Star Models have released an early P-47 Flat Keel and 200 gallon Belly Tank designed for the 1:48th Tamiya Razorback   >> READ MORE


Thunderbolts Pt 3 (1:48)
by: Nigel Julian  |  Vendor: Barracuda Studios
BarracudaCals sheet P-47 Thunderbolts Part 3 features aircraft from three different air forces.   >> READ MORE

Silver Screen Jugs (1:24)
by: Nigel Julian  |  Vendor: Zotz Decals
Zotz Decals have released a set of    >> READ MORE

PE Sets for Hasegawa P-47M (1:32)
by: Allen Berry  |  Vendor: Eduard
Out of the box the 1:32 Hasegawa P-47M Bubbletop builds into an amazing looking kit. Eduard has released three PE sets to compliment the Hasegawa kit. An exterior set, an undercarriage set and an interior set. All the sets are packaged in the typical Eduard style of a heat sealed plastic bag with thick card to protect the PE frets and the instructions slipped between the two pieces of card.   >> READ MORE

P-47D Cockpit Set (1:32)
by: Nigel Julian  |  Vendor: Model Design Construction
Nigel Julian takes a look MDC's new resin cockpit set designed for the Hasegawa P-47 Bubbletop kits.   >> READ MORE

P-47D Thunderbolt (1:32)
by: Nigel Julian   |  Vendor: Hasegawa Models
In box review of the Hasegawa P-47D   >> READ MORE

P-47 Thunderbolt (Other)
by: Nigel Julian   |  Vendor: Periscopio Publications
First in a new series from Periscopio Publications.   >> READ MORE

P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback (1:72)
by: Nigel Julian   |  Vendor: Tamiya, Inc.
Here's a build feature of Tamiya's 1/72 scale P-47D Razorback kit by Nigel Julian (Lampie) with some useful tips on how to achieve a nice faded effect on the camouflage.   >> READ MORE


P-47D Thunderbolt “Bubbletop” (1:72)
by: Nigel Julian   |  Vendor: Tamiya, Inc.
Tamiya's 2004 Release of the P-47 Razorback set a new standard in 1/72 P-47 moulds, and was followed soon after by the later P-47D Bubbletop version. A P-47M has been released in 1/48 earlier this year and hopefully we can expect a 1/72 version of this in the future as well   >> READ MORE

P-47D Thunderbolt “Bubbletops” (Other)
by: Rowan Baylis  |  Vendor: Eagle Editions Ltd.
The P-47D Thunderbolt is a perennial favourite - and the Bubbletop is back in the limelight thanks to Hasegawa's impressive new 1/32 scale kit. Eagle Editions have released an excellent of aftermarket decals for the aircraft in all three major scales.   >> READ MORE

Kagero 17 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, Vol. 1 (Other)
by: Mal Mayfield   |  Vendor: Kagero Publishing
The 17th title in this series covers the Razorback P-47 Thunderbolt from it's inception to the early D models. There are numerous scale drawings of the aircraft and ordnance, which are very well done. The profiles included are not the most colourful, and there are no walk around type pictures. The combat narrative is a good read and as a bonus a decal sheet in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales is included.   >> READ MORE

PE Sets for Hasegawa P-47D (1:32)
by: Nigel Julian   |  Vendor: Eduard
A first look at 2 Eduard PE Sets for the Hasegawa P-47 Bubbletop,,review samples supplied by Eduard   >> READ MORE