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In-Box Review
1/24 Resin Doctor
Wildhouse Models' 1/24 Resin Doctor
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Wildhouse Models
1/24 Doctor

Wildhouse Models of the United Kingdom creates original Science-Fiction figures and model kits for their “Hostile Realms” storyline. With an emphasis on 1/24th scale kits, Wildhouse Models established itself as a rare contributor to the 1/24th scale Sci-Fi model kit product line since there aren’t many 1/24th scale futuristic figures and items on market.

The Kit:

Wildhouse Models’ 1/24 resin doctor comes with the following in a plastic bag:

• Figure with torso, legs, arms, neck, and shoes molded on
• Right hand
• Left hand holding tablet
• Bare head
• Head with visor, circular earpieces, and mouthmask.

My review sample did not come with its own box.

To my knowledge, Wildhouse Models’ doctor stands alone as the first originally designed 1/24 resin doctor made for the Sci-Fi figure market. Casting quality appears decent with very minor seam lines running down the sides of the arms and legs, but these could be mistaken for uniform creases. My sample didn’t have any detectable runs, blobs, air bubbles, or sinkholes although there is a little flash and seam lines between the legs.

The form-fitting uniform appears futuristic with nice subtle creases, fabric overlaps, and engraved lines; everything looks clean and crisp. Figure proportions also appear realistic with the figure having a solid build and subtle hints of biceps, calves, buttocks, and chest muscles under the uniform. The uniform’s design has an asymmetric pattern with a shoulder badge on one side but not the other and some nice faint fabric angles and wrinkles. Jacket overlap flaps cover both the front and back and reminds me of the Star Trek admiral’s uniform in The Next Generation. Actually, the figure could fit as a generic officer in formal uniform.

I cut off the pour blocks from the heads and testfitted them on the body’s neck. I found that the neck’s gluing surface was not flat, but more of a shallow “V”, which prevented a perfect flush fit. Therefore, one would need to sand down the neck’s gluing surface flat to ensure a perfect flush fit.
The two heads scale well to the body and both heads have nice crisp details. The bare head has crisp hair texture and even has the hair subtly parted down the middle, a detail often overlooked with other figures. The head with visor appears futuristic and high-tech with a thin helmet shell complete with circular earpieces and mouthguard that makes the whole head resemble a virtual reality contraption.

The tablet has rounded corners, a nice feature to mimic a popular electronic tablet’s design.

The doctor wears laceless ankle-high "booties" that have nice subtle engraved lines. They resemble expensive basketball shoes with wide frontal tongues.


Wildhouse Models’ 1/24th scale resin Sci-Fi doctor comes with few parts; it’s a simple nicely cast kit. The crisp details, subtle engraved lines in the uniform, and overall generic appearance mean that this figure could be used for other purposes as there’s no item or details confining it to the “Hostile Realms” universe. With some creative painting and a few decals from the spares box, this figure could act as the showpiece for any Sci-Fi vignette or diorama. Highly recommended.

Special thanks to Wildhouse Models for the review sample. Photo with head attached to body is from Wildhouse Models.
Highs: A nicely cast, simple kit, with crisp details and engraved lines. Proportional figure with two head options. Futuristic and generic appearance means a variety of figure uses.
Lows: Some very minor flash and seam lines. Neck's gluing surface isn't flat, preventing a flush fit for the head.
Verdict: Wildhouse Models' 1/24th scale resin doctor looks great. The combination of high-tech features, designs, and style makes this figure stand out as an original kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 28, 2015

Our Thanks to Wildhouse Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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They no doubt called it NBC [Late] because they already have a NBC [Early]. . . Their 05513 "early" kit is based on the early hull with two triangular engine hatches while their 05516 "late" kit uses the hull with six oval covers. The BRDM-2Rkh "late" captured from the Iraqis and displayed at APG had the belly wheels. KL
NOV 28, 2015 - 06:14 AM
Thanks Kurt. Exactly what I was thinking too, concerning the APG vehicle.
NOV 30, 2015 - 06:37 AM

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