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In-Box Review
1/24 Dall Alien Holding Staff
Wildhouse Models 1/24 Dall Alien Holding Staff
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Wildhouse Models
1/24 Dall Alien Holding Staff

Wildhouse Models of the United Kingdom creates original Science-Fiction figures and model kits for their “Hostile Realms” storyline. With an emphasis on 1/24th scale kits, Wildhouse Models established itself as a rare contributor to the 1/24th scale Sci-Fi model kit product line since there aren’t many 1/24th scale futuristic figures and items on market.

The Kit:

Reviewer's note: The header CAD photo seems to show the alien walking forward. The actual figure kit has the alien standing with both legs inline and holding the staff in front of it.

Wildhouse Models’ 1/24 resin “Dall Alien Holding Staff” comes with the following in a plastic bag:

• Bare torso with both arms molded on
• Cloak covered torso with both arms molded on
• Lower half with waist, legs, feet, waist pouches, and loin and buttocks cloth molded on
• Bare head
• Cloak covered head
• Curved knife
• Long curved staff with right hand molded on
• Head cloak flap
• Two buttocks cloak flaps
• Circular base

My review sample did not come with its own box.

Casting quality appears decent with very minor seam lines running down the sides of the legs. My sample didn’t have any detectable runs, blobs, air bubbles, or sinkholes although modelers would want to scrutinize carefully and clean up where necessary as there were two miniscule silvers of flash on my sample.
The muscular composition sculpting detail of the alien looks incredible. It’s as if the skin of the alien has been removed to expose sinew, tissue, and bone in twists and turns like that of old gnarly tree roots. This Dall Alien doesn’t have an armored exoskeleton, so one gets the impression that this alien is soft, squishy, and vulnerable just like mere mortal humans¬—poke it and it will bleed. Only the head seems to have an armored organic shell.

The Dall Alien wears shoulder, knee, calf, back, and forearm piecemeal body armor pieces, discernible by their flat smooth appearances covering over the muscle sinews. The thin armor looks incomplete and somewhat rustic, as if salvaged, indicating that this species probably isn’t very high-tech. The armor won’t do much to protect the alien from bodily injury as it only covers certain areas, leaving other areas, especially the chest, biceps, portions of the upper legs, and abdomen areas exposed as evident by the sinew texture.

The three-finger segmented hands have a narrow “clawlike” appearance; the right hand is molded clutching the long curved staff.

Wildhouse Models gives the figure modeler the option of two heads and two torsos, one with cloak molded on and the other without. The simple plain cloak covers the back and front of the torso and does little more than cover the sinews. The cloak offers no additional armor protection and just acts as a thin wind, rain, and possible thermal barrier; it has no decorations or motifs, again probably indicating this species isn’t very industrialized or this alien isn’t of the highest order. The head cloak covers the top of the head and drapes down by the cheeks. An additional resin piece could be glued onto the cloak head to extend the cheek flaps downward.

The “Dall Alien Holding Staff” stands on two thin armored toes and its leg stance resembles that of chicken. A loin and buttocks cloth covers the private parts and the buttocks flap could be made longer by gluing on the additional flap piece.

I cut and sanded off the pour blocks and testfitted the pieces. The heads fit well with both upper torsos, but I found that the upper torsos had a rounded gluing surface that didn’t sit perfectly flush on the gluing surface waist with legs. There’s just a little gap that could be resolved with some putty or filling in with superglue. The molded-on arms prevent the torso from being positioned turning to either side.

The alien clutches a gnarly long staff, curved and thinner as it gets near the stabbing end. There isn’t any spearhead or sharp blade at the end of the staff though, making me wonder how much damage this weapon could do. The Dall Alien does have two simple pouches hanging from its waist so perhaps one could use one’s imagination and believe that he tip is poisoned or that the pouches contain some spearheads. (Or one could scratchbuild a blade for the staff’s tip if so desired). I testfitted the staff to the hands and one would need to tweak the staff’s curve to ensure the best fit; the curved resin staff does have some flexibility.

The curved “scimitar-like” knife looks wicked with a serrated back and a nasty front hook. It has a nice hefty size with a large handle. The knife fits well on the hole on the left thigh.

The circular resin base looks fantastic, richly detailed and textured with sand grains and bits of rock. Two footprint indentations indicate where the Dall Alien should stand. The base measures 5.5cm (or 2.25 inches) and the alien stands well on the footprint indentations.


Wildhouse Models’ 1/24th scale resin Sci-Fi “Dall Alien Holding Staff” comes with few parts; it’s a simple nicely cast kit of a subject few Sci-Fi sculptors venture into at that small scale. The crisp details, muscular sinews, original alien appearance, piecemeal armor pieces, and choice of cloaked or bare torsos and heads should add visual interest to any Sci-Fi modelers figure collection. This figure both fits and stands well with minimal cleanup except for cutting off the pour blocks. It’s also a good size too for 1/24th scale, standing at a little under 9cm or 3.5 inches tall. Enterprising figure modelers could use this generic looking Dall Alien as a basis and add scratchbuilt weapons or gear to it as it does have plenty of body surfaces for attaching extra accessories. With the absence of decorations and motifs, there’s nothing on this alien figure to confine it to the “Hostile Realms” universe. Highly recommended.

Special Thanks to Wildhouse Models for the review sample. CAD photo images are from Wildhouse Models.
Highs: Original design, nice sinew appearance, good fit, options of cloak or exposed torsos and heads, and nice casting quality. The generic appearance and lack of decorations means this alien could fit into many scenes.
Lows: Some minor seam lines on the sides of the legs. The upper torso gluing area is slightly round whereas the waist gluing area is flat.
Verdict: A very nice generic alien with very good details and casting quality. This 1/24 alien could be used for a wide variety of uses. Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2015

Our Thanks to Wildhouse Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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