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Book Review
Militar Fahrzeug
Militar Fahrzeug
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]

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Tankograd Publishing is a large publication company, with a long history of bringing us many different historic and modern day articles on various different armoured vehicles. This includes the well known Militair Fahzeug monthly magazine covering modern and historic German Wehrmact and includes some other NATO allies as well. Please note the magazine is in German.


01. Editorial
02. Leserbriefe /Kuriouses/ Fragezeichen (Readers letters)
04. Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr (Amphibious Pontoon truck M3)
12. Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr (Introduction to the protective armoured Puma)
16. US Army (Combat efficiency of the Stryker)
20. Einheiten der Bundeswehr ( Tank Battalion on Manoeuvres in Thuringer Lowe)
24. Fahrzeug - Historie der Wehrmacht (history of German Vehicles) Kubelsitzwagen
31. Aktuelles aus der Industrie (news from the Industry) Rheinmetal Man gewinnt Grosauftrag (Rhienmetal Man wins large order)
32. Britische Armee (British Army) Leyland drops MMLC
37. Sowjetunion - Rote Armee (Soviet Union Red Army) IS-3 Leihgabe an das Museum in Dresden (IS-3 on loan to museum in Dresden)
40. Leoparden International (leopards International Cold response Leopards
46. Waffengattungen der Bundeswehr (military branches of the German Army) Deutsche Panzergrenadiere Teil 4- HS4 (German Panzer Grenadiers Part -4)
51. Weltkrieg (World War) Fahrzeug- Verschwendung (Vehicle Waste)
52. Museen - Events - Sammlerszene (Museum events collectors scene) USA Museum special.


This magazine always starts off with a letter to the editorial each month with various questions these could be about modern German armour or historic events.

Next is the first article which starts on page 4 about the Amphibious M3 Pontoon truck. I found this section very interesting and I have to comment on the high quality photos that accompany it. The article goes in too some detail about the vehicle and the different rolls that it can play in the modern German Army, from ferrying vehicles and troops back and fourth to linking together to make a huge bridge to span across a wide river. The impressive photos on this article makes it much easier to understand just how and what it can do as a pontoon truck. It makes not understanding the German language easier to understand what this article is about. The amount of trucks with this capability within the German Army is also staggering with a detailed unit key on the last page of the article.

The protective armoured Puma follows where you can see clearly the vehicle on manoeuvres being put through its paces. The Armoured Personnel carrier certainly looks the part and would offer German soldiers greater protection during transporting from one place to another during conflict, yet again you cannot find fault in the actual photography work and if you are going to be building any Pumas then it could offer the modeller some very nice detailed shots.

The US. Army section comes next, this one following on from the Puma showing the Stryker and the different versions that were used in Germany. Some striking pictures would surely aid the modeller in achieving some greater authentic work especially around the weathering part of it. The writing if you are able to read German cannot be faulted and goes into some incredible detail about the subject being reviewed.

The panzer battalion on manoeuvres section is all about the Leopard training out in Thuringer Lowe in the mud. A nice touch in this article is about the flags of the different battalions with some more great photography work.

The German history section is on the Kubelsitzwagen Mercedes - Benz Typ Stuttgart. This article is following its use and history of the Kubelsitzwagen from late 1929 and following on from there. It was a favourite vehicle of the of the German officers in the mid thirties, it goes on to tell you all about the different types, engine details and with a good selection of pictures albeit showing it in different colours and different uses.

Industry news goes on to tell you about the Rheinmetall Man Military vehicles. A single page item with some nice pictures, the one in the desert is a nice picture then the 4x4 TGM-MIL and the TGS-Mil 6x6 telling you about the win of a large order.

The British Army article is about the Leyland Drops MMLC now for modellers wanting to work with the Leyland Drop or any Leyland military truck, there are some fantastic photos here of them. Unfortunately I only know of a few kits from the same company but all are in resin. The article is easy to follow with several different Leyland trucks.

Soviet Union IS-3 is being loaned to the Dresden museum and I have to say for someone like me who likes the post world war 2 Russian armour this has to be worth a visit if you find yourself in Germany Nr Dresden. The article goes on to describe the IS-3 in some detail and there are a series of excellent black and white photos showing the tank in various situations.

Cold Response Leopards, I have to say I found this article to be useful for reference pictures for when I do my Meng leopard in a diorama. The article takes us to some snowbound area and the leopards are being put through their paces. Some dramatic shots here show the tanks in some incredible scenes there is also some incredible ARV's included. Some engineering vehicles with a bridge layer and other vehicles great photography.

The German Panzer Grenadiers part four is between 1980 to 1990 shows different German vehicles being used by the German army and also in cooperation with NATO. There are some pretty impressive vehicles here and again great level of photography showing some nice detail of different units at work. The key to the units is also present and in colour profiles again would help the modeller no end with his work during this period.

Fahrzeug- Verschwendung refers to a short article on a storage area where some 4,000 odd US vehicles were being left on a hard standing. When the water rose by five metres to flood the large area where the trucks were being stored destroying them. Again this can be seen by the pictures provided.

The final article is about a USA museum of American armour there is a small article but a lot of pictures including a great shot of a Sherman tank and one of my favourite the dragon wagon all the pictures are in colour. It goes on to another part which is the Patton Museum with several pictures of the Patton, some in a desert camo scheme then onto tank land with some more pictures of the USA armour. I have to say again it is going to be a good use for modellers especially with the photos.


This is the third Militair fahrzeug that I have reviewed and it is surprising just how much information it contains in these magazines. The photography work is spot on and this really helps, especially for the detailed pictures of these fantastic armour being put through its paces.
Highs: Well laid out with plenty of articles and a wealth of very good photography work.
Lows: If you do not understand German then it could be hard going, this said it is easy to follow the pictures to have some idea at least.
Verdict: If you have an interest in German armour modern, NATO included and historic and love seeing some great pictures that are truly an asset to any modeller then it is a great buy.
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 05, 2016

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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About Adie Roberts (In_War_and_Peace)

I am disabled after a terrorist bomb I have in the past made models for TV and film and work with local museums making new models for display. I also take on commission builds for people

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i made one clarification "militar-fahrezug" is not modeling magazine if the defense oriented magazine.the content is from ww2 to present conflict with isis. from big tractors to individual weapons.
JUL 05, 2016 - 02:30 AM

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