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Book Review
Ligne de Front
Ligne De Front Nazisme and Islam Caraktere Presse et Editions
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]

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Front line is a Bi monthly magazine of some 84 pages dedicated to the wars of the twentieth century, while retaining a foothold in the central conflict that was world war II
Created in 2006 and launched in 2006.


P.4.Federation De Russie Vs Norvege Guerre dans le grand Nord.
(Federation Of Russia vs. Norway War in the Far North).
P.10. Le Guerre D Espagne Grande repetition avant la conflict mondial.
(The great war in Spain training for the global conflict of world war 2).
P.22. La21. Panzer-Division en Normandie Pouvait-elle faire echouer le debarquement.
(LA21. Panzer Division in Normandy Could they cause frustration during the landing).
P.38. Le 23rd Special Troops Les "PSY OPS" Made in the USA.
(The 23rd Special Troops The "PSY OPS" Made in the USA).
P.44. Nazisme & Islam Influences et collusions
(Nazism Islam & Influences and collusions).
P.62. Journee D Enfer A Koursk un as de la panzerwaffe au combat.
(D-day hell at Kursk an ace combat of the panzerwaffe)
P.70. L'Italie A-T-Elle fait perde la guerre A L Allemagne.
(Italy has she lost the war on Germany).
P.80. Actualite du livre
(New Books)


Federation De Russie Vs Norde. Is an article about the exercise of Norway versus Russia which has taken place every two years since 2006. Western forces in Trondelag in Norway practise exercise Operation cold Response, training to familiarize the western soldiers to fight in winter weather extremes. This is done to analyse behaviour of materials and to develop operational procedures and joint command controls, during friendly exchanges from soldiers of different Nations. There is quite a lot of pictures showing just how harsh the conditions are but giving some fantastic pictures for diorama work.

La Guerre d' Espagne. The practise for World War 2 came in the form of the Spanish civil war which followed on from the colonial wars. Spain in decline after the Spanish - American war and with continual problems in Morocco which lead to the bloody war of the Rif of 1921 - 1926. Spain was left in a vulnerable position that lead to the military coup and the Spanish civil war. The Spanish civil war became the proving ground for the Nazi Germans, Italians and Soviet Union. The article is heavy with photos and some great colour profiles lots of details and great for modellers of this time period.

La 21 Panzer-Division en Normandie. This piece of work is an incredible account of how the 21st panzer division tried to cause problems and stop the landings at Sword beach. I found out alot about the 21st Panzer division and the men behind them like the incredible Feldmarschall Rommel. with some fantastic pictures showing some incredible detail this is also added to by lots of different colour profiles a great map showing Normandy and the moves made by the 21st panzer division.

Le 23rd Special Troops is a look at the world of pys ops warfare ghosts with the use of rubber tanks to fool the enemy. The ghost army also used sonic deception along with radio deception. The pictures are very helpful and again Caraktere have some very nice colour profiles.

Nazisme and Islam is an article about Islam (Muslims) and Germany with relationships starting as early as 1933 it is clear that this became a contentious alignment between Nazis and Islam Muslims. Muslims had their own SS Divisions and were aloud to wear a fez instead of the steel standard helmet. These units had a real hatred towards the British and French imperialism, colonialism, and Zionism. I was shocked by the lack of knowledge I had over the Islam Nazi relationship, this is full of pictures that will be useful for modellers.

Journee d'enfer a Koursk This article refers to the battle at Prokhorovka and details Panzer IV SS-Obersturmfuhrer Rudolf Von Ribbentrop, after reading this article I turned to my book Operation Barborossa 1941 Hitler against Starlin to find out more information about this incredible man. With plenty of photos and further colour profiles this makes an interesting piece for anyone interested in German armour and commanders.

L' Italie a-t-elle fait. An interesting article on did the Italians mistakes and losses ultimately cause the Germans to lose the war ? Pictures and profiles show some of the propaganda surrounding these questions .

The part of the magazine Actualite Du Livre . New books a look at new books on different battles that are available at various books stores.


Some of this magazine really took me by surprise and it seems that Caraktere are not afraid to tackle some pretty emotive subjects. I will be looking forward to further Caraktere books and magazines in the future really good for modellers looking for accuracy in there building of different subjects.
Highs: For me it has to be the subjects that this magazine took on couple that with the decent amount of photos makes this a must for me.
Lows: Being in French and if you are not great at French some of the translation does get lost via internet translators.
Verdict: It is a magazine full of pictures and ideas if you are looking to build some realistic dioramas or builds this could be very useful.
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2016

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About Adie Roberts (In_War_and_Peace)

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