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In-Box Review
Eduard 251/1 Ausf.D

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

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Dragon's 251 kits are some of the best on the market, but even so the limits of the injection moulding process means that some parts can benefit from being replaced by photo etched metal. Eduard have produced this set specifically for the 251/1 Ausf. D, but nealy everything can be used on any Ausf. D model.


On opening the usual transaprent packet from Eduard, you'll find two frets of photo etch, one slightly larger than the other, and 5 sides of colour instructions explaining what to replace, add or remove.

The first thing to ad to the kit is a small photo etch chain for the towing pintle, and then the dash can be replaced, and included in the set is a small piece of coloured paper representing the dials to be sandwiched between the new metal dash and the Dragon plastic one which has to be shaved of all detail. The foot pedals are replaced and a new breacket for the gas mask container to the left of the driver's compartment. A new housing for the gear shift lever and floor panels for in front of each seat are supplied with the handle represented, which is missing from the Dragon kit. A few other small clips and brackets for the driver's compartment are also supplied, along with brackets to hold the MP40's, and a new radio shelf. Photo etched seat backs are also supplied, but I'm not sure of the usefulness of these as most Dragon 251 kits seem to supply these as photo etch anyway?

In the crew compartment we get new stowage containers for the walls, well.....the sides anyway! Also included are rifle clips for inside two of these. There are new clasps for the under-seat boxes, bits to improve the look of the side vision blocks, a new fire extinguisher bracket, retainer chains for the doors, and brackets for the handrail that run either side at the top of the crew compartment.

For the outside of the vehicle, all the tool clamps are supplied, which means removing the moulded on clamps or replacing the tools. As far as tool clamps go, Eduard produce some of the easiest to build clamps, coming as they do, in one part that just requires folding. There is a new wing mirror, which looks miles better than the kit supplied one, and chains for the padlocks on the fender stowage boxes, although this does necessitate removing the moulded on ones which is quite difficult to do cleanly since they are recessed.

The rear end of each fender and the attached mudflap is supplied by Eduard along with a ne late-style rear convoy light. Door handles are given for the rear doors, although I must say that I prefer the kit ones, given that the Eduard ones are a little 'flat'. Two catches are supplied for the engine hood, again though with these I prefer the Dragon ones. A belt of ammunition for the MG42 is supplied, again a little flat looking, but there is a nice sight for the MG42 which was fitted to some, and also supplied is a new shield for the MG42 and stand that requires you to supply your own length of 1.5mm rod.


A very useful set, which can be used on nearly all Ausf D's, except perhaps for the MG42 additions. A tad expensive for what is included, but if used it will improve the detail on your 251.

Further information is available here

My Thanks to Eduard for the review sample.

A very useful generic set for any of the Ausf. D 251's from Dragon.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35832
  Suggested Retail: $24.95
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 29, 2005

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