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IDF Puma Nochri mine adapter
IDF Puma Nochri mine adapter
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]

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A mine roller or mine trawl is a demining device mounted on a tank or armoured personnel carrier, designed to detonate anti-tank mines. It allows engineers to clear a lane through a minefield which is protected by enemy fire.

The device is usually composed of a fork or two push arm assemblies fitted to the front of a tank hull, with two banks of rollers that can be lowered in front of the tank's tracks. Each roller bank has several heavy wheels studded with short projecting steel girders, which apply a higher ground pressure than the tank's tracks. This ensures the explosion of pressure-fused anti-tank mines, which would otherwise explode under the track itself.

At the end of the First World War, the British Army Engineers Major Giffard LeQuesne Martel and Major Charles Inglis experimented with tank bridges and mine rollers based on the Mark V tank. Three special tank battalions were mustered for trials at Christchurch in Hampshire, England, in 1918.

Israel mine rollers are based upon the Russian KMT-5 design, but offer better performance.


Legend productions IDF Puma Nochri Mine Roller Adapter comes in their normal box packaging which is of cardboard construction and to opening flaps at each end. The art work is just a photograph of the product but is clear and concise.

Nine light grey resin products in a sealed bag.
One photo etch sheet one brass bar and some rope in a sealed bag.
One reversible instruction sheet.


The resin parts for the Nochri Mine Roller adapter are all very clean and moulded to a great standard of detail. Looking over all the individual parts it is really makes you appreciate the amount of time someone has put into making the moulds for this mine roller adapter. The individual pins for instance come with two different types one longer with a more pointed end and the what I would call normal pins even basic look realistic.

The main bed that attaches to the mine rollers themselves with a very well detailed service hatch setting this off. The joining arms look the part and you can be forgiven for believing that they are steel and not resin such is the level of detail on them. The connectors for the surface of the puma are really nice looking with not a single blemish on them.

The photo Etch is very clean and actually looks easy to remove with the minimum of fuss with twenty five parts to it is going to add that extra dimension to the build. The rope is of good quality although I am pretty sure the real parts are in fact steel cable and I would replace this with some thin twisted wire for added realism.


The amount of detail in the resin provided is to the usual high standard that you come to expect from Legend Productions. Each part looks clean and will not need too much work other than cutting them of the blocks that protect them. I would recommend these to anyone that is looking to make a difference to their build.
Highs: The level of detail alone makes me want to bring a project together, but couple this with the ease of use and the detailed instruction sheet, a diorama must be on the cards.
Lows: Like with all resin there is a risk to health and should be handled and cut with precaution.
Verdict: I can see no reason not to buy these if you are into the Israeli Defence Force or just want to add another dimension to your model excellent work from Legend.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1332
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 07, 2016

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
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