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In-Box Review
Post-Nuclear Sniper
Post-Nuclear Sniper
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Northstar Models of Riga, Latvia continues to make unique resin Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi figures that appeal to those figure modelers looking for originality and creativity.


The 54mm Northstar Models’s resin Post-Nuclear Sniper Resin Figure has been out for a while (one of their first and older figure kits), but it’s a really unique figure that has a 1/32 sniper rifle and a revolver in holster.

In 54mm (1/32) scale, the figure appears a bit larger and beefier than 1/35. It’s close to 6cm tall whereas a 1/35 figure is 5cm tall so the two scales, while close, don’t really match and this will show.
This kit has the following parts:
• Figure with molded-on head, helmet, gas mask, legs, shoes, and torso. It’s missing the back half.
• Back half of the figure with flowing cape
• Shoulders and collar of the trenchcoat
• Left arm with molded-on wrist computer
• Right hand with molded-on sniper receiver, magazine, and scope
• Backpack
• Rifle muzzle brake
• Microphone piece
• Revolver in wrapped holster
• Circular resin base with molded-on rock and debris
• Thin metal rod for gun barrel
• PE muzzle

Casting appears very nice with no runs, errors, warps, or air bubbles. The figure’s legs do have some light flash and there are minute seam lines running down the sides of the legs. The torso has its own form-hugging light body armor complete with a few dents on it. The head is a bit small for the body; however, I attribute this to artistic license as the figure resembles more like a comicbook character than that of an actual real person posing. The open trenchcoat has no pockets. There are tears on the cape’s edge and pitting on the clothes to indicate wear and tear, but generally the clothes have no holes or tears in them.

The cast pieces appear crisp and sharp with nice details. There are some large pour blocks and supports one needs to the cut and sand off. Fortunately, most of these blocks and supports are located at the bottom of the pieces and should not be noticeable when removed.

The sniper rifle’s receiver is small. It looks like a .50cal M-82A1 Barrett although the small scope, magazine size, and shape kind of hints that it is its own unique smaller design, perhaps 7.62mm instead of 12.7mm. A metal rod is included for the gun barrel despite the receiver not having a hole to insert it in; therefore, it might be kind of tricky to get the rod to stick to the resin receiver.

Ammo pouches are not included for gun reloads. The figure does come with a backpack with what appears to be the buttstock of the sniper rifle sticking out. A revolver handgrip protrudes out of the wrapped holster that attaches to the molded-on right leg thigh strap. One has to carefully saw off the revolver and microphone as these pieces rest flat on the pour block.

The circular base has a nice flat rock and detailed metal scraps molded onto it, allowing the modeler to prop the bent leg on the rock like in the web photos. The base has no pour blocks although the underside does contain a thick resin ridge along the circumference that one needs to sand down flush.


Northstar Models’s 54mm resin Post-Nuclear Sniper Resin Figure wins high praise for its originality as one of the first quasi-Sci-Fi/Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic figures to hit the market. Even though it’s been out for a while, this figure still looks great. The kit comes with everything required to display a standalone figure. Due to its complex construction and small parts, I recommend this kit for figure modelers with some experience working with resin figures.
Peter Ong takes a look at the 54mm figure of a Post-Nuclear Sniper from NorthStar Models.
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: NS-F-32036
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 30, 2017

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