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First Look Review
Metal Thinner
Metal Thinner
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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KitMaker Network

Metal Thinner, item DM500 from Darkstar Miniatures is a color in a new range of acrylic metallic paints - Molten Metals. I am very impressed with the brand. Molten Metals are water-based paints formulated to dry permanent while remaining glossy and bright with no need for gloss clear coat. They are also designed to accept polishing to improve the sheen. The range currently consists of:
    Metal Thinner
    Bronze, Blackened
    Copper, Aged
    Copper, Polished
    Gold, Antique
    Gold, Braid
    Gold, Classic
    Gold, Fine
    Gold, Pale
    Gold, Regency
    Gold, Renaissance
    Gold, Royal
    Gold, Victorian
    Silver, Old
    Silver Verde
    Steel, Blue
    Steel, Bright

Darkstar Miniatures is a UK company that also makes 54mm and 75mm figures and busts in two series, Historical Figures and Fantasy Range. They also make Reaper paints and Darkstar pigments, ink washes, and now Molten Metals.

Molten Metals Metal Thinner
Airbrushes.com carries Molten Metals and kindly sent Metal Thinner for review.

This product is packaged in a soft 17ml squeeze bottles, the same as the paints. (The paint bottles have an agitator inside to ensure proper mixing when the bottle is shaken.) The bottles are a nice design with a clean but sullen appearance, not surprising considering Darkstar's modeling genre.

I'm coming to love these paints and am very happy they released an airbrush thinner. It made the paints spray better. Darkstar Miniatures states that for airbrushing the paint need only be thinned at 2 to 1. That ratio has worked great through my Aztec airbrush at 12-15psi.

My previous experience with Molten Metals paints has been very positive. Metal Thinner enhances its performance through an airbrush.

There has been a dearth of quality acrylic metallic colors for too long and I have praised Darkstar for bringing us this fine range of paint. Now I praise them for creating this airbrush thinner. Highly recommended.

Please remember to tell vendors and retailers that you saw Molten Metals here - on KitMaker Network.
Highs: This thinner enhances airbrush performance.
Lows: Nothing.
Verdict: My previous experience with Molten Metals paints has been very positive. Now I praise them for creating this airbrush thinner.
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  Mfg. ID: DM500
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 28, 2019

Our Thanks to Airbrushes.com!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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