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In-Box Review
MK47 Striker w/LVSII
MK47 Striker 40mm AGL w/LVSII Sight Basic Set
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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The Mark 47 Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) is the next evolution in the United States’ AGLs in that the MK-47 adds a digital ballistic fire control computer for aiming purposes. Unlike the predecessor MK-19 AGL, the MK47 uses a high-tech sighting system to ensure first-round accuracy on target. Gunners of the MK-19 had to “walk” their rounds to the target by raising the MK-19, firing, and seeing where the first few rounds landed. Even with a five-meter causality radius, aiming the MK-19 could waste rounds as the AGL jiggles around in an attempt to bracket the target with high-explosives and shrapnel. With the fire controls and sights on the MK47, gunners can achieve a much better probability of each round hitting exactly where they want.

According to American Special Ops website, “The MK47 is an advanced 40mm grenade launcher in use with US Special Operations Forces (SOF). It is planned to eventually replace the MK-19 grenade launcher with the new MK-47.

“The MK-47 features an integrated computer assisted fire control systems and programmable ammunition. An AN/PWG-1 Lightweight Video Sight, linked to a ballistic computer and laser rangefinder, enables the operator to identify and accurately engage targets, day or night. The fire control system can be used to program PPHE grenades to air burst above the target - ideal for engaging troops sheltering behind cover. The weapon features a Picatinny rail for the mounting of additional sensors such as a thermal sight.

“At 39.6 lbs, the MK-47 is significantly lighter than the 77 lb MK-19.

“MK-47 Ammunition
“The MK-47 fires a range of 40mm grenades:
• PPHE (Programmable Prefragmented High Explosive) with air burst capability
• M430 HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose)
• M383 HE (High Explosive)
• M918 TP (Target Practice)
• M385 TP (Target Practice)."1


The parts of this kit allow for one 1/35 MK-47 with digital AN/PWG-1 Sight to be built. A short pole is included for mounting on a turret ring or ad-hoc pedestal that the modeler provides. Two brass wires are included to represent attachment cables from the MK-47 to the AN/PWG-1.

Cast in light gray resin, the parts appear nearly flawless with no errors, warping, runs, flash, or sinkholes. These parts were 3D rendered and sculpted and the quality and details show in that the 40mm rounds are all identical in size and shape to each other, an achievement that might not have been possible with traditional putty sculpting. Thin sprues attach to each part and hold it securely until cutting. The parts aren’t numbered so one has to match the pieces to the instruction’s numbering system.

The parts include the assembly of the MK-47, the AN/PWG-1 Basic Sight, the short mounting pole mount, the box magazine bracket, and a link of 40mm grenades. The MK-47 is state-of-the-art and cannot be used for military models before a certain date in time.

Assembly is a bit complex with the MK-47 broken down into barrel, handle, sighting system, and pedestal mount; however, 3D rendered color printed computer graphics instructions are included that show where each part goes. Printed on white glossy paper, the instructions are vivid and clear; the graphics’ colors show how the parts should be painted. These color instructions by Legend are a welcomed advancement in resin kit construction, especially for a small complex assembly kit such as this one.

Many of the 1/35 parts are very tiny so care must be taken when cutting them off the pour blocks, or sanding them so that they don’t break or get lost.
Two gold brass wires, one 0.5mm and the other 0.3mm are included as “thick” and “thin” wiring to represent attachment cables for fire control data. It’s an amazing luxury detail as the instructions show the AN/PWG-1 having two thicknesses of cables.

The engineering of this kit is amazing---even the fire control buttons are shown at the back of the AGL. A nice feature is that the top of the MK-47 and AN/PWG-1 has a small rail bracket for mounting of a Picatinny Rail scope or other sensor devices (not included). The MK-47 attaches to the U-bracket; however, the semicircular hole indicates that the AGL cannot rotate or elevate in the U-bracket; it is fixed horizontal unless the modeler modifies the angle of the MK-47.
Only one open top 50-round box magazine comes with the kit although modelers could buy additional aftermarket 40mm AGL box magazines from other companies. A linked belt of 40mm grenades drapes on top of the magazine and leads to the AGL.


Legend Productions of South Korea has fully embraced the art of 3D sculpting and engineering and the results show. This MK-47 40mm AGL looks superb with superdetailing right down to the two different cable thicknesses, off by just 0.2mm. The casting appears superb and minute details really enhance the realism of this kit. Legend Productions has created a very potent 1/35 MK-47 AGL weapon with many uses such as arming light tactical trucks, Special Forces pickups and boats, and Forward Operating Bases.

Special Thanks to Legend Productions of South Korea for the review sample.

1 American Special Ops: “MK-47 Grenade Launcher.”

Highs: Superb 1/35 replica of the MK-47 with AN/PWG-1, right down to two fire control cable thicknesses, buttons, ribbing, and grenade belt. No detectable casing flaws.
Lows: Tiny parts and complex assembly means that this isn’t for the beginner resin modeler.
Verdict: The realism and details of this kit represents a top-of-the-line and current AGL. The MK-47 AGL with AN/PWG-1 digital fire control adds a newer and much more potent grenade punch alternative for military vehicles, a “smarter performance” than the venerabl
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF3D038
  Related Link: Legend Productions website
  PUBLISHED: Mar 10, 2019
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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These are stunning in their detail and I find myself wanting a MK-47 of my own (somehow) so that I can go out plinking somewhere distant...
MAR 10, 2019 - 12:47 PM
Live-Resin also makes a 1/35 one too. Perhaps a modeler can build both of them and compare which one is the best.
MAR 11, 2019 - 02:22 AM

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