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In-Box Review
King Tiger

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

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Hauler from the Czech Republic are making a reputation for producing some fantastic photo etched update sets. This two fret set is for the Tamiya King Tiger.............in 1/48th scale of course!

the set
The set arrives in a small plastic bag with cardboard header. Inside there are two reasonably sized (for 1/48th scale) photo etch frets and a small instruction sheet running to two sides.

So what do we actually get? Well everything you would normally expect in a photo etch set for the larger 1/35th scale really! The first fret contains a complete set of replacement grills, very finely detailed indeed, they are certainly something to look at and be appreciated in this scale. The second and larger fret is the one that contains all the parts for replacing or updating the kit parts.

Being in the smaller quarter scale, some of the parts are a lot smaller than we've come to expect, and yet Hauler have simplified them where possible to make their installation a little easier, whilst trying not to compromise on detail. As you would expect, all the tool clamps are replaced, and these photo etched parts are simply one piece folded into place. They still look the business though, even though they are extremely easy to use. Along with the tool clamps we get fire extinguisher bracket, parts to upgrade the machine gun mount on the cupola, and even the jacking block.

The loaders hatch on the turret gets a new fascia for it's inside, along with tiny photo etched hand wheel and hinges. There are even new episcopes for the Commander's cupola, along with upgrades for the rear escape hatch and brackets for the tow ropes along the hull sides. Should you choose to leave the fenders off your King Tiger, or are going to depict them damaged, then there are the tiny rectangular welded bolt supports provided for along the hull sides, also two tiny MG34 AA sights and a few other tiny various fittings for over the hull superstructure. Hauler have also thoughtfully included the steel covers for the engine grills should your references demand them, you'll just have to source a tiny amount of styrene rod.....shouldn't be too difficult!

A beautifully produced set from Hauler that should bring the Tamiya King Tiger up to show standards. Highly recommended.

Hauler have produced some beautiful photo etched sets in this scale, and this one can only enhance their reputation. Two frets, one containing all the grills you'll need, the other containing tool clamps, fixtures and fittings to bring your diminutive King Tiger up to show standard.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: HLX48138
  Related Link: Hauler
  PUBLISHED: Dec 13, 2006

Our Thanks to Hauler!
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