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Gotha P60A
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by: Daniel Candal [ DCANDAL ]

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The Gotha Aircraft Company was asked, in august 1944, to modify the Horten Ho229. The Gotha engineers found some thing to improve. For example, they proposed making a new design of the wing constructed of steel covered with plywood. The Gotha P60 was going to be powered by two turbojet engines near the rear of the wing center section, one above the wing and one below. Two BMW 003A-1 with 1763 lbs of thrust were to be used at first.

The kit is a resin model from Antares Models. It is of a very good quality. It comprises 29 resin pieces, 16 white metal parts for the landing gear and cockpit and 2 vacuformed canopies. It also contains some custom printed decals for 3 schemes, and detailed instructions.

I made the kit out of box. I only added some detail in the landing gear wells. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The kit has excellent joints throughout and I practically didn’t need to use putty. First with a Dremel I separated all the resin kits and used 600 sand paper on them. I used epoxy to join the biggest pieces, like both wings to the fuselage and cyano with the smallest pieces. I reinforced the three landing gear legs with a little needle that I put inside them.

Painting and marking
I wanted to make a non classic scheme in this kit taking advantage that it is a Luft 46 project. I painted with Model Master enamel RLM 76 on the underside part of the fuselage, and RLM 71 in the upper fuselage. When it was dry I masked it with Uhu-Tac. Then I painted it with RLM 79. Before taking off the masks I painted around the contour of each of them with a very pale grey.

Antaresīs Gotha P60 A is a very good kit. You need some experience with resin but it isnīt a difficult kit to make. It has very clear instructions. You have to work a little in the joint of the engine with the fuselage but nothing you can't solve with some putty. Itīs great to have this models of Luft 46.

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Highs: Very good resin quality without air bubbles.
Lows: You need to reinforce the landing gear leg because the kit is a little heavy. Have in mind that itīs a solid resin kit.
Verdict: Highly recomend for modellers with resin experience. Itīs a very complete kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: ANT-23
  Suggested Retail: $75.00
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  PUBLISHED: May 17, 2008

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