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In-Box Review
U Models -RN Sailor No 4
Royal Navy Sailor No 4
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

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Model Shipwrights


Rui, aka Skipper put me onto this company a few years ago and I have been getting the odd product or two for my projects. Their most recent addition to their range of Royal Navy figures is another relaxed looking chap RN sailor No 4. As the No 4 would imply this is their 4th Royal Navy Figure in 1/35 scale.

U Models make an interesting range of naval figures and accessories, many of which arenít duplicated by other companies.

The Figure...

The figure comes in a smart plastic snap box. The front of the box has a colour insert depicting the figure, the Company name and contact address. The picture should aid in painting the figure. The sailor is contained within a further zip bag inside the box. My package came through the post in a padded envelope so the box clearly provided sufficient protection as it arrived undamaged.

Cast in a light cream resin the figure was free from any obvious signs of air bubbles or damage. The figure comes in 3 parts, the main body cast as a whole including the left arm, the right side of the waterproof and right arm and a separate head.

Dresses in a jumper, trousers and shoes, the figure is depicted wearing a waterproof oily and standing in a relaxes pose with right leg crossed over left and right arm raised obviously leaning on something.

I have a couple of U Models earlier figures and the legs tended to be a bit on the thin side, but this chap has good body proportions. Details on the trousers, jumper and work shoes look good and only minimal clean up should be required along with the removal of the pour stubs on the feet.

The right arm comes moulded to the right hand side of the waterproof, which has allowed for a very fine mould of the coat. The buttons are present down the coats length. There may be a little filling required down the back, when the second half of the coat is joined to the body.

The head the 3rd separate item is cleanly cast with good facial detail and sports a sailors cap complete with bow. The face has quite a serious looking expression. The neck looks a bit odd with a slight bulge but when trimmed and fitted to the jumper should not be an issue.


This is a very nicely sculpted figure, with good clean detail. It should paint up very well and be of interest to both figure painters and diorama builders alike.

I am no expert on naval uniform so I am assuming that the waterproof is correct as I have no specific reference for it. Given that he is wearing a waterproof I feel he would have been more complete with a pair of sea boots rather than work shoes. That said, that is just my opinion and the figure will fit with any of the current 1/35 scale boats or be equally at home on shore waiting to board.

Good body proportions and a good pose, with a nice order of dress.

I don't see this figure up on U Models site yet so if you are interested best contact them directly.
Highs: Itís great to see another RN Sailor on the market. Good detail, clean casting and an unusual order of dress should make this a very useable figure.
Lows: None that I can think off
Verdict: Highly Recommended. My thanks to Rudolphe for continuing and expanding the range of naval figures currently available.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: UM 018
  Suggested Retail: 12 euro
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  PUBLISHED: May 22, 2009

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