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In-Box Review
U.S. Marine Cover Me
Vietnam-era U.S. Marine Cover Me
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Many modern figure modelers regard Bravo*6’s (Vietnam War) figures to be some of the best resin figures on the model market today. These modelers credit the precise details, excellent casting, dynamic poses, accurate gear depictions, amazing details and attention to accuracy, and realistic facial expressions at that moment. Bravo*6’s figures seem to be cast from a snapshot of history during the Vietnam War.


The kit comes in a nice small cardboard box. The figure comes in a sealable plastic baggie and the parts in a smaller sealable plastic baggie.
Here is a breakdown of kit parts;
  • Kneeling figure with molded-on M-16A1 ammunition bandoliers, first aid pouch, gas mask, head, legs, gear straps, hand towel, and boots
  • Left arm holding M-16A1 20-round ammunition clip
  • Right arm holding M-16A1
  • M-16A1 with 20-round ammunition clip
  • M-1 “Steel Pot” helmet with cover
  • Two Vietnam-era canteens with covers
  • Separate 20-round M-16A1 ammunition clip
  • M-16 bipod in open spread position
  • M7 combat knife in scabbard


The modern-era figure modelers were correct in their analysis and opinions that Bravo*6 makes some of the best figures in the 1/35 scale resin model figure market. The details on this figure look amazing. From the crisply-cast wrinkles of the well-worn uniform to the torn pants leg around the right knee to the cloth cover of the steel helmet, Bravo*6’s figure pops out with details. Even the web belt has minute holes spaced evenly to depict rivets, an awesome achievement for such a small-scale figure. The nylon M-1951 Flak Jacket has thin tiny vertical ribbing to denote elastic and one needs a very sharp eye to even see that exceptionally fine detail. Even the ears and forehead have fine lines that depict the human head anatomy well. The figure looks as proportional and as realistic as possible in 1/35th scale. I am not a Vietnam-era figure modeler or fan, but I will say this is definitely one of the best 1/35th scale resin figures I’ve ever seen and touched.

The pose looks very dynamic—the U.S. soldier kneels and shouts to someone off to his right side “Cover Me!” as he holds his empty M-16A1 rifle while his left hand holds the M-16 ammunition clip. His right pants leg is raised up past the ankle because it is torn and he tied the tattered pants tear around his right knee with a knot. Even the knot looks exceptionally fine with deep wrinkles and the correct-size proportions as if the figure’s own 1/35th scale hands tied it.

The teeth, hair, facial expression, and fingers all are well-defined with crisp details and proportionate scales. What makes this head so unique and impressive compared to other figures is the amount of detail and attention the sculptor spent on it. The head has subtle forehead lines that one could see—this isn’t some young teenage kid per se. The head has cheeks and cheekbones, stretched because the mouth is open. The ears have holes and lines; there are lips, teeth, eyebrows, eyelids, and hair, all done in amazing 1/35th scale detail. The same is true for the rest of the figure with wrinkles and straps molded onto the torso. Even the bottom of the boots has thread patterns. Bravo*6 made figure construction and fit easy by molding this figure mostly in one piece and as such, the figure modeler doesn’t have to contend with legs, head, and gear fit-and-alignment issues with the torso. Even the right boot is partially open at the top of it to reveal the elastic ribbing of the top of a sock and the tongue of the shoe. I could even make out the tiny holes to denote eyelets for the shoelaces that did not get looped way up to the top of the shoe. These fine details really show the talent, care, and attention of the figure sculptor.

The M-16A1 looks great, right down to the nicely-spaced venting holes on top of the plastic barrel hand guard. The extra M-16A1 with the attached 20-round magazine is a nice bonus. The bipod is separate so figure modelers do not need to attach it if so desired.

The M-16 ammo bandolier has seven magazine pouches on the right one and five pouches on the left for twelve pouches or clips for a total of 240 stored 5.56mm rounds. I did detect what appear to be some holes on the corners of some of the pouches, but the details of the holes (a star pattern) seem to indicate that they are tears in the fabric than actual casting deformities.

Seam lines are minimal to non-existent. I could see just one underneath the left leg (the one on top of the helmet should be there because that is a cloth sewing seam). There are no noticeable sinkholes, warping, pits, or errors in my figure as it looks very clean and well-cast with exceptional impressive quality.


The toils and stress of combat appear well-depicted with this Bravo*6 figure. Equipped with the gun and gear necessary to fight, this 1/35 figure has got to be one of the best depictions of a U.S. Marine of the Vietnam-era. The casting quality, attention to detail, minute holes, uniform tears and extra “eye-candy” details make this figure really unique. It’s as if every turn reveals some nice new exquisite details about this figure from the subtle forehead wrinkles to the ribbed elastic of the Flak Jacket and socks to the tiny eyelet holes of the combat boot top and web belt. I agree, this has got to be one of the best 1/35th scale resin figures on market depicting the Vietnam War, and even one of the best-sculpted and accurate 1/35th scale figure on the market ever.
Highs: Exquisite details and quality that is very precise and fine right down to the minute eyelets. Plenty of "eye-candy." Excellent facial features and expression. Molded-on gear, legs, and boots prevent fit and alignment issues.
Lows: Seam line on back of left leg that requires sanding.
Verdict: One of the best 1/35 Vietnam-era U.S. Marine resin figures on the market today and has got to be one of the best 1/35 resin figures ever made.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: B6-35028
  Suggested Retail: $15
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  PUBLISHED: May 14, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Good review Pete, thanks! IIRC the pose actually shows the figure tapping the magazine on his helmet to clean it before reloading the weapon. This is what Bravo6 does best... they tell the story with each of their figures. Mario
MAY 14, 2013 - 05:42 PM
Thanks, Mario! I didn't know about the pose, having not assembled the figure, but looking at the box cover photo, I think you're correct about tapping the magazine on the helmet...in fact, I know you are!
MAY 15, 2013 - 05:44 AM

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