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In-Box Review
Westland Wyvern Detail Set
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Of course all modellers love a challenge, so I girded my modelling loins, fearlessly opened the small cardboard box box and peeked inside. Goffy's Westland Wyvern detail set is intended to be used with the recent Classic Airframes kit and consists of 50 parts cast exquisitely in cream resin. The level of detailing on the parts is second to none - among the finest I've ever seen.

The parts are cast with the usual pouring plinths, but be warned - some parts are exceptionally delicate, so extra care will be needed in preparation.

The set serves two purposes; firstly, to add a folded-wing option and, secondly, to replace the kit's existing cockpit and wheel-wells.

Wings and things...
I'll start with the wings because these are probably the most complex part of the conversion. You will need to cut the kit wings accurately and the remove 2mm from both the inner and outer panels, ready for the resin wing-folds to be attached. The detail on the resin parts is superb, but the parts are cast to represent the full wing cross-section and the outer surface is, literally, wafer thin. With this in mind, I'll probably add a skin of 5 thou plastic card to give something to blend in with the kit parts, It sounds like sacrilege, I know, but I really don't think the resin parts will survive without some additional strengthening.

Along with the folded wings, Goffy's set offers a complex set of dropped flaps. This consists of resin inserts, plus outer sections and, again, some careful work with the razor saw will be needed to use these parts.

resin replacements for resin details...
Turning to the cockpit and wheel-wells, the obvious question is "What's wrong with the resin parts already included in the Classic Airframes kit?" Well, putting the parts side by side shows just how much extra detail Goffy have incorporated - the original parts are dark grey in the photos.

The cockpit tub features a lot of extra detail on the side consoles, plus delicate wiring both here and on the reverse side of the replacement instrument panel. The wheel-wells have much better defined ribs and cable-work, with some extraordinary undercuts cast perfectly.

The parts are intended as pretty much straight replacements for the kit's resin items, but the instructions indicate that some additional thinning will be needed on the plastic parts.

The instructions consist of 13-stage construction notes, written in English, accompanied by B&W photos and diagrams. I think the watchword here is read the instructions again and again before even thinking about cutting anything! The notes are very brief and, to be honest, the photos aren't the clearest in the world - the sheet is either a photocopy or a laser-print. Everything you need is here... just take you time and don't dive in.

This is a superb set to take an already excellent kit to new levels; it really represents everything that's best about resin detail sets. Goffy's warning on the box isn't to be taken lightly; this really is a set which will demand skill to use - but, of course, the target Classic Airframes kit is really aimed at experienced modellers in the first place. Unreservedly recommended for serious fans of naval aircraft.

Thank you to Goffy Model for kindly supplying the review sample.

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You know something special's in store with Goffy's Wyvern detail set when you see the warning on the box - Do not attempt to use this set unless your modelling skills are up to the challenge! Suffice it to say, the warning is apt and the contents are exceptional.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 4802
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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