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German Secret Projects of WW2 Vol. 4

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German Secret Projects of WW2. Vol 4. Quite an extensive collection of profiles this time. As previously it includes some totally new profiles of aircraft I have not done before, while the rest are completely reworked drawings from very early sets.

Also for the swing wing projects I have expanded the number of plates to accommodate views of both wing positions i.e. swept and un-swept.
The Aircraft
Arado Pll
Arado produced two designs to the February 1945 spec for a night and all weather fighter. Both the tail-less P1 and the swept wing Pll broke new ground, neither relying on designs already flying.

The Pll used a more conventional layout, with an engine mounted under each wing. A variety of armament was considered, with the most likely arrangement consisting of six nose mounted cannon and a pair of rear firing cannon tucked under the tail. Fuselage mounted oblique upward firing guns may also have been included. In addition to the night and all-weather fighter, a fighter bomber variant may have also been considered.

In terms of performance the design would have at least been acceptable, but it was criticised for large surface areas and excessive drag from the under-wing mounting of the turbojets.

Blohm and Voss P209.02
The P209.02 was one of three designs for presentation to the RLM created by Dr Vogt’s Blohm and Voss team and was based on the P211 ‘Volksjager proposal.

The P209.02 featured forward swept wings and a swept tail. The tail was supported on a slim boom extending from the main fuselage engine housing. The design was of simple construction using steel and duraluminium. But due to the forward swept configuration needing thorough investigation and a long development programme Dr Vogt withdrew it, having other designs to consider.
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About Peter Allen (flitzer)

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Many thanks Rowan for all your hard work in getting it up and running. Cheers Peter
MAR 29, 2009 - 08:40 PM
Looks great as always, Peter. Very nice inspiration for luft '46 projects. Especially with the campaign coming on the subject. Thanks for sharing
MAR 31, 2009 - 04:11 PM
Hi Peter, Fantastic work as always. By the way, how many time do you spend on such a collection of profiles? It must take ages... Thanks Rowan for the editing work. Knowing how difficult it is to work with the gallery at the moment, I can imagine a lot of modelling time went into this feature. Jean-Luc
MAR 31, 2009 - 05:28 PM
Phew...how long do I spend on these? Approximately about 12 hours or more a week. I started this set immediately after the last WW2 British Secret Project V3 set was put up on site mid December 08, so to do the 60+ plates its taken me a little more than 3 months. It's always the first sample of each subject that takes the most time. Once one has been done it's just a matter of changing the markings and camo layers. Many thanks Peter
APR 01, 2009 - 02:04 AM