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Revell´s Funfdecker

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This is Revell’s re-pop of the Deal’s Wheel Red Baron kit. I got it last year and have worked on and off on it. Now it’s finished and joined the rest off my early birds on the shelf. Perhaps not the most correct kit for the rivet counter, but I must say I'm looking for Lucky Pierre on E-bay for the moment.

The build
There where plenty off sink marks to fill and sand. After all this was done painting was started. I'm little bored with that RED painted Fokker, so lets give the streaking a shot.. A coat of Humbrol sand was added and the green streaks were mixed from Prussian blue (oil colour and Humbrol gloss yellow. Gloss varnish was added before the simple decals from the kit. They went on just nice.

The figure
The figure was painted in Humbrols. A flesh mix, WW1 purple and a little black. The whole face was last given a thin coat off satin Varnish, this will give the paint some kind off “life”

The wooden base was masked up with tape and a cross was cut out. Humbrol wood and black was airbrushed and, after drying time, white glue and water was brushed on and static grass sprinkled all over. When the glue was dry a thin coat of sand colour was airbrushed on the grass to just soften up that crazy green my flock has.
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About Lars Qvarfordt (Repainted)


Lars , that is totally COOL my friend ! Thanks for bring a smile to my day
AUG 15, 2009 - 03:12 AM
Excellent Larsa! When a serious modeler takes a characature kit and has a bit of fun, it usually turns out as an eyecatcher. Thanks for sharing.
AUG 15, 2009 - 07:37 AM
great work! I recently finished the Spitsfire from the same line, it was so fun to make a silly kit!
AUG 15, 2009 - 11:22 AM