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Luft '46 Colours 5 - Fighters Pt. 2

As part of the on-going series in answer to (Holdfast) Mal Mayfield’s original question “how do I choose a camouflage scheme for a Luft 46 subject?” and while I get the long promised bomber chapter ready, I’ve cobbled together a few more examples of fighters. Again most of the shades used are based on the RLM colour mixing experiment.
  • 1-_FW_TL_lll
  • 2-_FW_TL_lll
  • 3-_FW_TL_lll
  • 4-_FW_TL_lll
  • 1-_ME_P1112
  • 2-_ME_P1112
  • 1_FW_LORIN
  • 2_FW_LORIN

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About Peter Allen (flitzer)

Greetings to all. My real name is Peter Allen and I have recently returned to UK from working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a creative director in an advertising agency. My home town is Wigan in the north of England. I’m married to Emily, a Polish lass who tolerates my modelling well. I’ve wor...


Once again many thanks to Merlin for doing a great job in getting the article ready. And yes the Bombers is a biggy. And so will bombers Vol 2 be equally as big...lol. After Bombers 2 it'll be Night fighters and Zerstorers. Thanks again Cheers Peter :-)
JAN 16, 2005 - 01:52 AM
Another nice set of Luft 46 artwork. There are now so many ideas knocking about I'm at a total loss as what scheme to paint my Ta 183 in. I'm sort of thinking NMF, but you have produced some really nice schemes, Peter. Mal
JAN 16, 2005 - 02:31 AM