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Luft '46 Pt. 9 - Fighters Vol. 3

Chapter 10 for rocket, pulse jet and ram jet powered aircraft is well underway, but finding the references and doing the research for this is a little more time consuming than expected, so Iíve done a further series of fighters.

Some are aircraft Iíve done before, but I have re-worked them and added new schemes, but most are completely new. There is a good reason for doing so many fighters and that is there are so many designs....well thatís my excuse. It must be a reflection on the RLM concentrating on fighter design, especially in the last couple of years of WW2. Iíve included a number of firm Luft 46 favourites in addition to some more obscure designs. Some may even have a familiarity to them. Itís well regarded the Fw Ta183 had a huge influence on the MiG 15 and the final Me P1101 was redesigned and built by Bell as the X5. But there are other Luft 46 designs that may have formed the base for postwar aircraft. In particular, the Me P1101 August 44 design bears a striking resemblance to the Polish Iskra jet trainer of the fifties. It makes one wonder.
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About Peter Allen (flitzer)

Greetings to all. My real name is Peter Allen and I have recently returned to UK from working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a creative director in an advertising agency. My home town is Wigan in the north of England. Iím married to Emily, a Polish lass who tolerates my modelling well. Iíve wor...


Many thanks Rowan for your brilliant work in getting it up and running. Again I love the little title panel. Maybe they would make great little beer mats... ...something to rest your Tangle foot on between slurps. Thanks again Cheers Peter :-)
MAY 03, 2005 - 05:39 PM
Cheers Peter Glad you like it! Hmmm... Armorama / Luft '46 beer mats. There could be an idea in there! My local doesn't serve Tanglefoot anymore, but there's actually a "new" real ale for you to look out for when you get back to Blighty... Ringwood's '49er... VERY nice! All the best Rowan
MAY 03, 2005 - 05:49 PM
More very nice schemes, making it very easy for me to choose one for my Ta 183........Not. Thanks Peter Mal
MAY 04, 2005 - 07:58 AM
Peter, More great work! This series is fantastic and I hope will inspire more modelers to give Luft'46 modeling subjects a try. Here is a group photo of mostly Luft'46 types that I took late last year. Matrixone
MAY 07, 2005 - 07:08 AM
Thanks Les... its now become a labour of love...lol. Your pic is fantastic. Maybe you should do a little article on how to shoot stuff like this. How you did it and what camera and set up etc. There's always a mass of questions about this kind of thing. Next chapter is taking shape. Cheers Peter :-)
MAY 07, 2005 - 05:31 PM
Thanks Peter! This picture taking thing is something I am still learning and once I teach myself about what works and what does not I would like to offer advice to others about photographing models. Right now I feel like there is more that I don't know about this subject than I know, so I would not be very helpful at this time. Here is a pic of my latest Luft'46 type model taken just a few hours ago before I got rained out. I will try taking more pics when the weather improves in a few days. Matrixone
MAY 08, 2005 - 01:34 PM
Merlin All I can say is ....WOW. That and I love it. There are a few of us in our local club that have toyed with the idea of what U.S. aircraft would look like to if the war had gone on. Came up with the idea of the P-84( F-84 ) replacing the P-47 and the P-86 replacing the P-51. Still working on putting the models together. One of the other guys is working on the Navy end of it. We are using the premise that the markings would still reflect the WW2 scheme. Jerry
MAY 08, 2005 - 02:07 PM
Hi Les..... if that's learning...I can't wait till you "crack it". I notice you wait for the weather....I assume you shoot outside...? My humble results have always been better when shot outside...after all you can't get a more natural effect than what nature provides. And Jerry I'd love to see what you and your lads come up with. Cheers and thanks Peter :-)
MAY 08, 2005 - 09:55 PM
Peter As soon as we get some built I'll post the pics. been thinking of doing the P-84 in Gabreskis markings, What do you think ? Jerry
MAY 09, 2005 - 02:43 AM
Peter, Yes I prefer taking my pictures outside, using natural light works great for my purposes. I try to copy some of the WWII era photos I have seen in my books about late war German a/c, a lot of these pictures are taken by Luftwaffe ground crews or American G.I.s and are low quality that have many flaws in them with bad lighting or blurred pictures, and I try to copy these flaws in pictures of my models. Also the background behind the model should have other a/c or buildings included, I like my airfield pics to have a busy look to them. When taking pics of my models I always shoot at a very low angle and attempt to get a scale eyes view of my model. Les
MAY 09, 2005 - 01:25 PM