Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - 03:57 AM UTC
Zotz Decals have released a set of decals designed for use with the VFS P-47 kits.
Brazilian manufacturer Zotz Decals is well know for its colourful decal selections and their latest release is no exception.
Entitled "Silver Screen Jugs" it features 6 decal options designed to be used with the Vintage Fighter Series P-47 releases.
The subjects included are.
P-47D-25-RE, 42-226628, 62 FS/56 FG, LM-C, 'Miss Fire/Rozzie Geth II'
P-47D-28-RA, 42-29262, 391 FS/366 FG, A8-S, 'Daddy Rabbit'
P-47D-28-RA, 42-20901, 310 FS/58 FG, 42, 'Passionate Patsy'
P-47D-28-RA, 42-28641, 395 FS/368 FG, A7-W, 'Sleepy Jean the 3rd'
P-47D-28-RA, 42-28608, 390 FS/366 FG, B2-J, 'Virginia'
P-47D-28-RA, 42-28473, 410 FS/373 FG, R3-F, 'Dorothy K'

Paint masks are included for the forward fusalage areas of "Sleepy Jean" and "Passionate Patsy".
Printing quality is excellent as is the color register, and fans of the larger scale will enjoy this set.
Zotz Decals plan to release some 1:32nd versions of some of these schemes in the near future.
Notably, this decal sheet is the first time that Cpt ( not Col), Fred Christensens "Miss Fire" has been released in any scale with the correct yellow background colour.
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