In-Box Review
PE Sets for Hasegawa P-47M
Interior, Undercarriage and Exterior PE Sets For Hasegawa P-47M Thunderbolt

by: Allen Berry [ TOMCAT31 ]

P-47M Thunderbolt exterior - Cat # 32 200
Two frets of PE are supplied and the quality is of Eduard’s usual extremely high standard. Most of the parts are similar to Eduard’s earlier D-25 release but they have included parts to improve the dive brakes that were fitted to D-30 batch Thunderbolts to overcome the compressibility problems. The areas of the kit addressed by this set being:

Exhaust hinge plate and oil control doors.
Intercooler doors and interior on the fuselage sides.
Ignition harness for the Pratt & Whitney engine.
Grills for the oil cooling system and supercharger air intake.
Replacements for the kits dive flaps (kit parts F2 and F3)
Flap hinges and additions for the flaps.
Bomb fins and additions for the brace’s and hard points.

P-47M Thunderbolt Undercarriage Set - Cat # 32 204
This set also features two frets. Although marked as for use on a “M” this set is more a generic set for all thunderbolts and supplies more parts than their earlier D-25 set does. The areas addressed by this set are:

Detail for the main wheel bay side walls
Wiring and brake lines for the wheel bays and main undercarriage legs
Replacement scissor links
Replacement parts for the main undercarriage doors
Tail wheel doors

P-47M Interior Set - Cat # 32 616
This set also features two frets, (one of which is pre printed and self adhesive) and a small piece of film for the two different gun sights. This set can be used for any Thunderbolt from the D-28 Batch onwards not just the M. The quality of the pre painted photo etch is outstanding, especially the instrument panel, placards and seatbelts.

Areas addressed by this set are:

New rudder pedals.
Instrument panel.
Cockpit sidewall details.
Seat belts.
A replacement seat.
Front and rear Cockpit bulkheads.

Three brilliant sets, which will help make your P-47M (or D-28 batch onwards) Thunderbolt stand out from the crowd. The instructions for the exterior set have you grind the dive flap parts to attach the PE, but I think it would be easier gluing the PE to some correct thickness plastic card to replace the entire part. For some reason Eduard has omitted the cowl flap actuators that they provided with the earlier P-47D-25 etch set, which is a shame. Having not used them before I do have some reservations about the self adhesive as it may be prove to be difficult when test fitting to the plastic parts. Unfortunately my instructions for these set didn’t come in the usual colour print but fortunately Eduard do provide these (in colour) as Adobe PDF files on their website.
Highs: Three excellent sets of PE for an already very high quality kit. That can be used for some Thunderbolts earlier than a “M”
Lows: Self adhesive PE could be a problem when it comes to checking the fit of some parts. No cowl flap actuators included unlike the earlier D-25 set.
Verdict: Improve your Hasegawa Bubbletop to a P-47D-28 onwards with these sets. Undercarriage and Exterior set addresses some important areas, including the gears doors and dive brakes.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: 32 200 + 32 204 + 32 616
  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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