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1:32 Horizontal Stabilizers
1:32 Horizontal Stabilisers And Elevator assemblies For The Hasegawa Thunderbolts.
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by: Nigel Julian [ LAMPIE ]

Latest release from Master Details is this horizontal stabiliser and elevator assemblies upgrade for the 1:32nd Hasegawa series of P-47s.
This set allows the modeller to accurately produce a model with "drooped" elevators, which occur naturally when a P-47 is parked and gravity pulls the elevators down.
It will appeal greatly to those who wish to depict their P-47 in this configuration but the thought of attempting to do it themselves by cutting away at the kit parts does not appeal.I count myself amongst this group.

The upgrade set consists of four parts, two horizontal stabilisers and two elevators.Engraved detail is finely produced and matches the kit parts. One added extra to this upgrade is the inclusion of small lugs on the leading edge of each horizintal stabiliser. Originally intended for IFF wires it is doubtfull that these antenna were ever installed but there is evidence that the small flanges remained on some production models. They will be very easy to remove with a couple of swipes of a sanding stick should the modeller wish to.

Clear assembly diagrams are included which recommend removing a small amount of plastic from the kit fusalage halves, however when I dry fitted the set to a Hasegawa fusalage it fitted fine without any surgery.

Instructions note that this surgery would be needed should the modeller want to add "scale elevator actuator rods"and its easily achievable with a Dremel or similar if required.

A dry fit of the parts shows the fit to be excellent and despite two of small interlocking locater tabs having become detached from one of the horizontal stabilisers in my review sample this shouldn't pose any problem in assembly.

A tiny section on the edge of one stabiliser had fallen victim to an air bubble which will only take a minute to fill, and there is a minimal amount of cleanup required which only took me about 5 minutes with a sanding stick.

All in all, a very nice little set which will easily bring some animation to your Hasegawa Thunderbolt.
Highs: Easy replacement of the kit parts which will add greatly to the look of the completed model.
Lows: Sections of the locating lugs on the review sample damaged but this does not effect the assembly and is likely a one off.
Verdict: An easy way to depict drooped elevators without having to undertake the surgery yourself and risk messing up an expensive kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: 32028
  PUBLISHED: Jul 08, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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