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  England - East Midlands, United Kingdom

Occupation: decorator
Interests: modelling, history,beer
Username: almonkey


About almonkey
born again modeller,after the publicity in 1990 of the 50th anniversary of the battle of britain, i decided to build a spitfire after 10 years out. 13 years later i,m still whacking plastic!!

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My Awards

Aces High Campaign Ribbon.: This award sigifies this person completed the Aces High Campaign on Aeroscale 2008.
Aeroscale Matchbox Nostalgia Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Age of Aces Award: This award signifies the user finished the Age of Aces campaign.
Airfix II:
Ancient Airfix: Modellers who complete their model within the time period of the campaign will be awarded the Ancient Airfix ribbon
Battle of Britain 75 ribbon: This award signifies sucessful completion of the Battle of Britain 75 Campaign.
Bombs Away !: The ribon signifies completion of campaign , one per person . for aircraft, diorama, figure,or ground support vehicle
Butcher Bird:
Duel in the Sky Award: The ribbon will be awarded to every couple of participants who will manage to complete the models of two opponent planes. No ribbon will be given to single entries... so take off and go searching for an opponent!
Guardian Angle: This ribbon signifies the user completed the Guardian Angle helicopter group build.
Local Aerodrome: This award signifies this person completed the Local Aerodrome Campaign
Official Flattops Campaign Award Ribbon: The bearer of this ribbon has succesfully completed Gary Beebe's Flattops Campaign in good standings
Project X Award: This award signifies that the user completed the Project X Campaign to build and experimental vehicle (2005).
Show you Teeth Award: This award signifies this person completed the
SpitFire / SeaFire Ribbon:
Two Wings and a Prayer Award: This person persevered through bracing wires and struts to complete a  biplane for the Two Wings and a Prayer campaign