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  England - East Midlands, United Kingdom

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About erichvon
My first kit was an Airfix Spit Mk IX at the age of 10 bought for me by my grandad. I had a break for a few years got into modelling armour.Joined the infantry as I didn't fancy driving tanks. Had a break for a few years again then got back into the hobby again. Main interests are British WW2 subjects, Normandy and Holland as a preference but have been known to dabble in German things

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150- Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the 150- Campaign
500+ Campaign Award: The award is granted to everyone registered to the campaign that successfully finishes it (build is completed in time and an image is uploaded to the campaign gallery).
Art of the Battlefield: This award signifies this person completed the
Campaign Operation Market Garden: This Ribbon is awarded to the recipient for honor in the Operation Market garden campaign
Commonwealth in Normandy 1944 Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that this user completed the Commonwealth in Normandy 1944 Campaign.
DOG: This award signifies the person completed the build a dog campaign.
Improve your figures award ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to the brave souls who have endured the trials of figure building, completing the
Jeeps Campaign:
Medal for the Capture of Berlin: This award signifies this person completed the Berlin '45 campaign.
The medal for the Capture of Berlin was awarded to all Soviet servicemen of the Army, Navy, and NKVD who participated in the epic battle to take the capital of Hitler's Germany. Over 2.5 million men took part in the battle, along with 6,250 tanks, 7,500 aircraft, and 42,000 artillery pieces.
Operation Fall Gelb 1940: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Fall Gelb 1940 Campaign
Over The Top award ribbon: Award blue black white and gold bands
Panzer IV Award:
Rapid Reconnaissance: This award signifies this person completed the Rapid Reconnaissance Campaign
Ribbon : Ribbon given to all of those that finish their builds.
Sdkfz 250-251 Campaign: This award signifies that this person successfully completed the build of either an Sdkfz 250 or 251 in one of it's many variants in the time allocated.
Special Forces 1939-1945:
Special forces award:
The Atlantic Wall: This award signifies this person completed the
The Green Machine: Given to those who complete The Green Machine Campaign
uf2016 award:
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